Fountain Solutions

RBP Chemical

RBP specializes in reliable fountain solutions for all types of presses and dampening systems. Browse our fountain solutions and concentrates below.

ProductDescriptionPress TypepH TypepHDosageConductivity
UNITROL™ 2100Acidic 6 oz Fountain Concentrate for Optimal Operating WindowSheetfedAcid4.0-4.55oz/GAL380
UNITROL™ 192Acidic 8 oz Fountain Concentrate for Metal and Polyester PlatesColdset, SheetfedAcid3.5-4.58oz/Gal150
PLATINUM™ 1960Mild Acid 2 oz Fogra Approved Fountain ConcentrateColdset, HeatsetMild Acid4.5-5.52oz/GAL550
PLATINUM™ 1175Acidic 4 oz Fountain Concentrate for Low VOC RequirementsHeatset, UV/EBAcid3.5-4.54oz/GAL760
PLATINUM PLUS™ 800Mild Acid 5 oz Economical Fountain ConcentrateHeatsetMild Acid4.5-5.05oz/GAL400
PLATINUM PLUS™ 1684Mild Acid 5 oz Fountain Concentrate for Continuous DampeningHeatsetMild Acid4.0-5.05oz/GAL450
PLATINUM PLUS™ 1680Acidic 5 oz Low VOC, Zero Glycol Ether EB Fountain ConcentrateHeatsetAcid3.5-4.55oz/GAL415
PLATINUM PLUS™ 1678Mild Acid 5 oz FOGRA Approved Fountain ConcentrateHeatsetMild Acid4.5-5.55oz/GAL260
PLATINUM PLUS™ 1665Acidic 5 oz Fountain Concentrate with Non-Glazing AdditivesHeatsetAcid4.2-4.75oz/GAL425
PLATINUM PLUS™ 1600Acidic 5 oz Phosphate-Free Fountain Concentrate for Press Speeds up to 1200 fpmHeatsetAcid3.9-4.45oz/GAL480
LIQUID GOLD™ 820NNeutral 2 oz Fountain Concentrate for Processless PlatesColdsetNeutral6.5-7.02oz/GAL640
LIQUID GOLD™ 820HWAcidic 2 oz Fountain Concentrate for Hard Water and Processless PlatesColdsetAcid4.5-5.52oz/GAL580
LIQUID GOLD™ 790Mild Acid 1.5 oz Fountain ConcentrateColdsetMild Acid4.5-5.51oz/GAL, 2oz/GAL, 3oz/GAL470
LIQUID GOLD™ 524 II-IBNeutral 1 oz Fountain Concentrate with Extra WettingColdsetNeutral6.5-7.51oz/GAL675
LIQUID GOLD™ 265 DZNeutral 2 oz Fountain ConcentrateColdsetNeutral6.5-7.52oz/GAL720
LIQUID GOLD™ 262 I-DNeutral 2 oz Fountain ConcentrateColdsetNeutral6.5-7.02oz/GAL700
LIQUID GOLD™ 2012Neutral 2 oz Fountain Concentrate with Extra WettingColdsetNeutral6.0-7.02oz/GAL625
LIQUID GOLD™ 2008Neutral 2 oz Fountain Concentrate with Extra DesensitizerColdsetNeutral6.5-7.52oz/GAL700
LIQUID GOLD™ 158-I-JMild Acid 2 oz Fountain ConcentrateColdsetMild Acid5.5-6.02oz/GAL610
CONCEPT 21® STM SFMild Acid Super Concentrate SystemSheetfedMild Acid4.0-4.51800-2500
CONCEPT 21® STM 6.0Mild Acid Super Concentrate SystemHeatsetMild Acid4.0-4.51800-2500
CONCEPT 21® STM 4.0Mild Acid Super Concentrate SystemHeatsetMild Acid4.0-4.51800-2500
AQUA SERIES™ 910 MAcidic 1-3 oz Fountain ConcentrateColdset, HeatsetAcid4.0-4.51oz/GAL, 2oz/GAL, 3oz/GAL750
AQUA SERIES™ 180 XHAcidic 3 oz Fountain Concentrate for Calcium ControlColdset, HeatsetAcid3.8-4.53oz/GAL600
LIQUID GOLD™ 2800Mild Acid Fountain Concentrate for Coldset PrintingColdsetAlkaline9.5-10.52oz/GAL900
UNITROL® 1500One Step Sheetfed Fountain Concentrate with Drying AdditivesSheetfedAcid3.5-4.55oz/GAL430
UNITROL® 1600One Step High Speed Sheetfed Fountain ConcentrateSheetfedAcid4.0-4.55oz/GAL430
UNITROL® 2500 One Step Wide Format Sheetfed Fountain Concentrate SheetfedAcid3.5-4.56oz/Gal350
UNITROL® 7756Traditional Sheetfed Fountain Concentrate with Gum ArabicSheetfedAcid3.5-4.55oz/GAL430
UNITROL® 924Non-Glazing One-Step Fountain ConcentrateSheetfedAcid3.8-4.26oz/Gal
UNITROL® 1000One-step Sheetfed Fountain ConcentrateColdset, SheetfedAcid3.8-4.55oz/GAL
UNITROL® 1151One Step Sheetfed Fountain Concentrate with Calcium ControlSheetfedAcid3.5-4.55oz/GAL475
UNITROL® 120One-step Fountain ConcentrateSheetfedAcid4.0-4.56oz/Gal100
PLATINUM PLUS™ 1651Acidic Fountain Concentrate for Continuous DampeningColdset, Heatset, Sheetfed, UV/EBAcid3.5-4.55oz/GAL360
PLATINUM PLUS™ 1679Fountain Concentrate for Turbo DampeningHeatset, UV/EBAcid3.5-4.55oz/GAL360
PLATINUM PLUS™ 1800High Speed High Wetting Mild Acid Fountain ConcentrateHeatsetMild Acid4.7-5.25oz/GAL480
PLATINUM PLUS™ 600Economical Acidic Continuous Fountain ConcentrateHeatsetMild Acid4.2-4.75oz/GAL440
PLATINUM PLUS™ 9000Acidic UV Ink Continuous and Brush Fountain ConcentrateHeatsetAcid3.5-4.54oz/GAL580
PLATINUM PLUS™ 9100Economical Acidic Fountain Concentrate for Hard WaterHeatsetAcid3.5-4.54oz/GAL470
PLATINUM PLUS™ 924Acidic Continuous Fountain Concentrate for Hard WaterHeatsetAcid3.5-4.55oz/GAL400
PLATINUM PLUS™ 9500High Wetting Mild Acid Continuous Fountain ConcentrateHeatsetMild Acid4.5-5.55oz/GAL500
PLATINUM PLUS™ 987Acidic Fountain Concentrate for High Speed Brush PressesHeatsetAcid3.5-4.54oz/GAL525
PLATINUM PLUS™ UCUltra Concentrated Fountain Solution for Heatset WebsHeatsetAcid3.5-4.52oz/GAL1050
PLATINUM™ 1067Acidic Fountain Concentrate for Heatset PrintingHeatset, UV/EBAcid3.5-4.54oz/GAL575
PLATINUM™ 1945Mild Acid Coldset and Heatset Fountain ConcentrateColdset, HeatsetMild Acid4.0-5.03oz/GAL660
PLATINUM™ 8200Low Dosage Acidic Fountain Concentrate Coldset, HeatsetAcid3.5-4.52oz/GAL, 3oz/GAL, 4oz/GAL700
LIQUID GOLD™ UCUltra Concentrated Coldset Fountain SolutionColdsetMild Acid4.7-5.21oz/GAL1100
LIQUID GOLD™ 102Nitrate Free 1 oz Neutral Fount for KBA PressesColdsetNeutral6.0-7.01oz/GAL900
LIQUID GOLD™ 1031 oz Mild Acid Fountain Concentrate for All Types of PressesColdsetAcid4.5-5.01oz/GAL970
LIQUID GOLD™ 1481 oz Mild Acid Fountain Concentrate for NewspapersColdsetMild Acid5.0-6.01oz/GAL1350
LIQUID GOLD™ 158 I-HFogra Approved 2 oz Mild Acid Fountain ConcentrateColdsetMild Acid5.0-6.02oz/GAL600
LIQUID GOLD™ 161-BGLow dosage mild acid fountain concentrate with added desensitizerColdsetAcid4.8-5.52oz/GAL760
LIQUID GOLD™ 1721 oz Mild Acid Turbo Fountain ConcentrateColdsetMild Acid4.0-5.01oz/GAL1000
LIQUID GOLD™ 224Neutral Aqueous Fountain Solution ConcentrateColdsetMild Acid2oz/GAL700
LIQUID GOLD™ 2482 oz Mild Acid Fountain Concentrate for NewspapersColdsetMild Acid4.5-5.52oz/GAL700
LIQUID GOLD™ 2622 oz Neutral Fountain Concentrate for NewspapersColdsetNeutral6.5-7.52oz/GAL725
LIQUID GOLD™ 263Fogra Approved 2 oz Neutral Fountain ConcentrateColdsetNeutral6.5-7.52oz/GAL600
LIQUID GOLD™ 270 I-FNeutral Aqueous Fountain Solution ConcentrateColdset2oz/GAL630
LIQUID GOLD™ 2722 oz Mild Acid Turbo Fountain ConcentrateColdsetMild Acid4.0-5.02oz/GAL625
LIQUID GOLD™ 272 DHPremium 2 oz Mild Acid Fountain ConcentrateColdsetAcid4.5-5.02oz/GAL780
LIQUID GOLD™ 2902 oz Mild Acid Fountain Concentrate for Coldset PrintingColdsetMild Acid4.5-5.52oz/GAL550
LIQUID GOLD™ 5241 oz Neutral Fountain Concentrate for NewspapersColdsetNeutral6.5-7.51oz/GAL1445
LIQUID GOLD™ 820Mild Acid Fountain Concentrate for Coldset PrintingColdsetMild Acid4.5-5.52oz/GAL
LIQUID GOLD™ 960 N2 oz Neutral Fountain Concentrate for Coldset PrintingColdsetNeutral5.5-6.52oz/GAL520
CONCEPT 21® 5 STAR MASuper Concentrate System for NewspapersColdsetMild Acid5-5.53oz/GAL1200
CONCEPT 21® ADM 1.0Fountain Solution SystemHeatsetMild Acid4.3-4.71800-3000
CONCEPT 21® ADM 3.0Fountain Solution System for Sheet-Fed PressesHeatsetMild Acid4.5-5.21800-3000
CONCEPT 21® ADM SFFountain Solution SystemSheetfedMild Acid4.0-4.51800-2500
AQUA SERIES™ 910 NPremium Neutral Web Fountain ConcentrateColdset, HeatsetNeutral4.0-4.51oz/GAL, 2oz/GAL, 3oz/GAL750
AQUA SERIES™ 970 MA-1Fogra Approved 2 oz Mild Acid Turbo Fountain ConcentrateColdsetMild Acid5.0-6.02oz/GAL520
AQUANOL® 300High Performance Alcohol ReplacerContinuous Dampening1oz/GAL, 2oz/GAL, 3oz/GAL
AQUANOL® 600Premium High Speed Alcohol ReplacerSheetfed1oz/GAL, 2oz/GAL, 3oz/GAL
AQUANOL® 900Reduced VOC Alcohol ReplacerSheetfed1oz/GAL, 2oz/GAL, 3oz/GAL
AQUA SERIES™ 180Two Step Acidic Sheetfed Fountain ConcentrateColdset, HeatsetAcid3.5-4.53oz/GAL700