Metal Finishing


RBP Chemical Technology is a leader in developing chemistry for metal finishing.

Browse the table below to learn more about our metal finishing solutions.

Formance K™Chemical CleanerFormance K has been developed to deposit pure, solderable silver layer on copper circuitry in …electronics-chemicals microetchants copper-cleaning maintenance-cleaning metal-finishing
ASPECT™Chemical CleanerOrganic Solderability Preservative Final Finish for Printed Circuit Boards Aspect is an organic solderability preservative …electronics-chemicals microetchants copper-cleaning metal-finishing
VERSAPREP™Chemical CleanerVersaPrep is formulated to microetch multiple metallic surfaces and thus improve their processing including lamination, …electronics-chemicals cupric-etching microetchants copper-cleaning metal-finishing
CuBrite™ PC-520Carrier AdditiveAn additive containing the carrier component of the brightener system for CuBrite PC- 525 copper …electronics-chemicals electrolytic-plating metal-finishing brighteners
TinPlate™ PC-625SEMI-BRIGHT TINTinPlate PC-625 is an organic grain refiner that is used to aid in the electroplating …electronics-chemicals electrolytic-plating metal-finishing brighteners tin-lead-chemistry
CUBRITE™ CF-110Matte Acid Copper Plating AgentA matte acid copper plating additive formulated for plating baths with high throwing power resulting …electronics-chemicals metal-finishing brighteners
CUBRITE™ PC-525Acidic Copper BrightenerA copper plating additive for acid sulfate plating baths designed specifically for high throwing power …electronics-chemicals electrolytic-plating metal-finishing brighteners
Chemposit™ SnWhite Immersion Tin Final FinishChemposit SN plates a dense, smooth Tin deposit onto copper alloys leaving a corrosion resistant …electronics-chemicals metal-finishing