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CUPRIC ETCH REPLENISHER is used in conjunction with Hydrochloric Acid (Muriatic Acid) to replenish Cupric Chloride etchers. When Copper is etched in Cupric Chloride etchant, Cuprous (Cu+) Copper is created in the etch solution, causing a drastic decrease in etch speed. Regeneration of Cupric Copper (Cu++) with Cupric Etch Replenisher™ will allow continuous, steady etching.
Additions of CUPRIC ETCH REPLENISHER must be carefully controlled, and added slowly, with intensive mixing, on an as-needed basis only. It is VERY important never to over-add CUPRIC ETCH REPLENISHER to a Cupric Chloride etch solution, as it may result in the generation of Chlorine gas which has been known to be toxic.

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