Webcast: Troubleshooting Printed Wiring Board Defects


RBP Chemical Technology has launched a webcast series on Troubleshooting Printed Wiring Board Defects focused on improving the PCB fabrication process.

Led by Mike Carano, RBP Vice President Technology and Business Development, this webcast series will address advanced problem solving of printed circuit board defects. Attendees should have some knowledge of the printed circuit board fabrication process.

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This webcast series will explore the most intricate of these factors and how the interrelationship of both up and downstream processes contribute to scrap product. Defects, such as interconnect separation, delamination, wedge voids, plating folds, microvoids, surface pitting, and hole wall pull-away, carry significant costs. Many are difficult to solve because the root cause may not be readily apparent and multiple factors may contribute.

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